Candidates For Teeth Whitening.

The teeth whitening is a field of cosmetic dentistry, which is focused on improvement of the smile. It is most effective in removing mild staining created by the use of the tobacco, coffee and tea. It is also the least expensive method of dental enhancement, it doesn’t require the administration of any type of anesthesia, and it’s well tolerated by people of all ages. Typically, one hour appointment is required to obtain the best results.

Although many tooth whitening products are presently available on the market, there is no substitute for having the procedure performed by the dentist. It is also the safest technique as the entire treatment is monitored by skilled dental professionals.
The management of your dentition starts with comprehensive exam, full set of x-rays and treatment plan created by the dental provider followed by prophylactic cleaning. The perfect oral health is required for this procedure. Several factors are taken into consideration when planning tooth whitening treatment, and not every patient will be a good candidate. In addition to the patient’s medical history and previously done dental restorations, the individual’s daily habits and oral care will be reviewed. The teeth bleaching is not recommended for patients with severe Tetracycline staining, extensive dental work or for patients with poor oral hygiene.

Bear in mind, this procedure does not offer permanent results and typically has to be repeated every six months to maintain the desired outcome. It is also not covered by any dental insurance and requires out-of-pocket expense. The usual cost of teeth whitening may range from $200 to $1,000.
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