Damaged Vehicles Are A Pain In The Neck.

It can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix a damaged vehicle depending on what exactly is damaged and how it’s damaged. Not to mention there are many ways a vehicle can be damaged.

Hail storms can cause tons of tiny dents in the exterior of the vehicle. Floods can damage anything from the engine to the interior of the vehicle leaving the damaged vehicles to be fodder for parts. Kids throw rocks. Rocks break windows. Dogs can jump up to the window to bid good wishes to owners and scratch up all that paint you just paid for, or are still paying for. Your neighbor may leave is trashcan a little too close to your driveway and there is a nice new dent for you to pay for too! Sometimes, nature does all the work and the sun fades your paint job and the clear coat begins to peel and crack. Then you have rust to worry about.

Accidents are a huge hassle and a main cause of damaged vehicles.
In an accident there are many unseen damages. The frame may be twisted or bent. The engine block can be cra More info: damaged vehicles conway

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