Is Buying Bulk Scarves A Good Idea?

If you wear a lot of scarves, whether they’re fashionable scarves, thick wooly ones, or your typical football scarves, buying bulk scarves can be a very good idea. In fact, you don’t have to own your own store or have a huge clothing business to be able to benefit from a bulk scarves order.

Deciding to buy a scarf for everyone you know at Christmas can be a fabulous way to give away lots of inexpensive presents. If you order scarves in bulk, you can usually choose many different designs and have them shipped all in one order. The price per scarf, however, depending on where you order it from, can be as little as a couple of dollars each. When you give them as gifts, however, the recipients don’t need to know that.

Look at bulk scarf suppliers in the US to begin with, then look for other more exotic ones in Thailand, Mexico and Guatemala. You’ll find gorgeous hand made scarves, beautiful embroidered pieces and, surprising to some, even your basic European football team scarves too.

With most wholesale scarf companies, you’ll have to buy at least 10-20 pieces to really begin to see the large discounts. Once you do, though, the price per piece comes down quickly so, if you can think of more people to buy scarves for, add them to your gift list.

If you order from a US company, you’ll usually get your order in just a couple of days. If you buy from an overseas manufacturer, while the price per piece will be cheaper, it may take a week or longer to receive your order. Factor that in before you pay.

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