Survival Food Supplies

With the arrival of popular zombie television shows and the recent rash of zombie-like activity because of drug use, people are wondering what we would do in the event of a real zombie apocolypse. The ability of you or your family to live through any type of disaster depends on how prepared you are. Making sure you are prepared to be cut off from civilization might seem to be a drastic step, but you will be thankful you took even some small steps in the direction of being prepared. It is almost the same preparedness that comes before a storm, which is also a consideration.

During any kind of disaster, electricity will be one of the first conveniences to go. Are you prepared to live without electricity? Imagine your home right now without modern conveniences. How would you cook? What about all that food in the refrigerator? These are the things that have to be considered. They may seem trivial, but when food starts to run out, you will be grateful you took steps to conserve your food sources. Anything in the refrigerator should be cooked, if possible, so it lasts longer. The first thing to be eaten is the fresh food that will go bad as the days pass without electricity. Stocking up on survival food supplies before a disaster might be an option too.

You should always keep fresh batteries on hand for flashlights and other electronics like radios. News from outside sources is very important in a disaster so that you can keep well informed on recent updates to any situation. Fresh water is imperative to survival. A body can only go three days without water before feeling serious effects and possibly even death.

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