Tai Chi Instructors Are A Vital Part Of Learning The Art

The practice of Tai Chi has long been argued to have very powerful healthful properties for those who practice this martial art. Western doctors sometimes argue against many of the claims as the art incorporates many holistic, traditional Chinese medicinal aspects as well. The outward and simple goal of the art is to change the body so all parts are involved in daily movement rather than just a few. This approach is believed to improve physical health, and in truth those who practice Tai Chi on a daily basis do tend to be in better physical condition than those who do not.

The integrated motion of Tai Chi stems from the way a student is taught to move while practicing one of the sets of motions, called a form. Each form has a set of stances in it called postures. While performing a form the student practices moving his or her body from posture to posture attempting to keep the entire body in fluid motion. The goal is to never allow the hands, feet, head, shoulders, hips, or any other part of the body More info: tai chi toronto

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