The Onset Of Symptoms Of Menopause

The symptoms of menopause onset can strike some women without warning. Once the estrogen level in the female body has dropped to a low enough level, a woman can begin going through some rather odd changes. On occasion, these feelings can be felt a number of years before menses stop entirely. Known as perimenopause, this is the period of time when the female will start noticing bodily changes.

Not all women experience all symptoms. In fact, there are a few that can go entirely through these years feeling next to nothing. These ladies are the exception to the rule. The most dreaded of effects are the hot flash. They are normally short in duration but while undergoing them, an intense heat is felt that permeates from the core of the body. Sweating can be profuse along with headache and fatigue.

Feelings of emotional upset can also be minor to rampant. For unknown reasons periods of crying will just occur. There are other times when a person is so on edge, they have angry outbursts. Life becomes a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows.

Physical changes can be expected as the amount of estrogen wanes. Dry skin, low libido, vaginal dryness, and even loss of bone density will occur. After menopause, it is said that a woman’s chances of heart attack begin to equal that of men. You may require more sleep than usual, or find yourself unable to fall asleep.

Hormone replacement therapy is the best way to manage menopausal symptoms. Due to recent studies that claim there are serious side effects when using these drugs, make it a very personal decision. The controversy still rages, as many gynecologists feel the studies were not properly performed and many women are suffering needlessly due to these health scares.

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