What Is Fencing

Fencing can be described as the wall that surrounds the outside of a building or a sport.

In terms of a wall, a fence is usually meant to demonstrate political or physical boundaries. In most cases, it is utilized as a physical boundary where it blocks unwanted entities like other people, debris, and animals. Instances where a fencing is to be used like this include gardens, backyards and lawns. As a political boundary, it can separate jurisdiction. For example, it would be illegal for a person to build on property that he does not own or have permission to do so. A fence can be an powerful indicator on where to draw the line. Fencing can be installed by the owner himself or by a company.

In terms of a sport, fencing is where two people try to make contact with a sword. It involves trying to block the opponents moves and avoiding contact. Players wear a white outfit, a head mask and weapon. There are three weapons that fencing involves: a foil, sabre and épée. They each have a unique quality and bring a set a rules with them. In this game, points are rewarded for each time the opponents makes contact with his weapon. However, there are certain ways the players have to touch each other. For example, points are rewarded for touching the opponents torso with a foil. These rules were established for orderly conduct and to prevent a person to swing wildly. This sport can be likened to playful sword fighting. More info: Fencing Wilmette

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